The Girl Behind The Scenes

Thirteen years of existence since October 09, 2000 with a whole lot of imagination and fantasies, dreaming to be an accountant and seeing the the bright and successful future of mine.

You see, I'm just a simple girl who loves to search the world with my camera and skateboard. I learn a lot about life with a ball on my feet. Yes, I play soccer. I love dresses, skirts, shorts, crop tops, tank tops, sneakers and sandals. I love music while walking in the rain. And most of all, I enjoy the company of me: I love being alone.

I can't say that my life is perfect, but I can totally be proud to say that it has a lot of perfect memories. ♥

Welcome and enjoy my blog.👈

All Rights Reserved 2014®

Since this is my blog, please have my permission before copying any of my pics. If I ever thought of finding out that you copied my pictures, under your name,then we have some complications. Thank you and God Bless. 😊
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